I was instrumental in acquiring more than $2 million for Paul D. Camp Community College in Franklin, and I continue to ensure my constituents have access to quality education. I’ve supported funding for early childhood, pre-K and higher education. I’ve also helped expand career and technical education opportunities, maintain affordability for higher education and advocate for competitive teacher salaries. I understand that educational opportunities are essential for each and every one of us.

Economic Development

House District 75 is a hardworking community. I supported legislation that would increase the minimum wage to $10 and measures to help women seek equal pay for equal work. l voted in favor of the budget that included an improved compensation package for our state police, deputy sheriffs and correctional officers. Our economic development is vital as we move forward together and I supported the decision to expand funding for the Governor’s Opportunity Fund which will help to bring new jobs and businesses to District 75. 

As Vice Chairwoman of the Broadband Advisory Council, I made sure that the government worked smarter for the businesses of District 75 through public-private partnerships. In October 2020, Virginia allocated $30 million in funding from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Recovery, and Economic Security (CARES) Act to improve broadband access for rural communities like ours.


I put the health and safety of my constituents first, passing COVID relief for the entire Commonwealth while getting testing and vaccination programs up and running in the District.